Our Story

BootSnaps started 2 years ago when I couldn't decide on a pair of cowboy boots. We were at a cowboy boot store 3 different times in one day for about 8 hours. I wanted all of them but I could only get one pair.  Oh, there were sparkly ones, colorful ones,  designed ones you name it I wanted them all, but my husband said pick one.

So after agonizing, I decided on a pair of Coral boots that were brown in color and my wheels were spinning. We got home and I immediately went upstairs and cut up a couple of my scarfs and started sewing. I was excited and showed my husband Jerome and he said, "That's great! Change Your Boots In A Snap, " call it "BootSnaps" and that's how we started.  

A friend of mine did some sewing and she was moving and said I could have some boxes of material so I got some snaps, borrowed my moms serger and started sewing and putting snaps in. 
From there, I wanted something a little easier to slip on so it went to my what I call "BootTubes". 
I also wanted a pair of cowhide boots and couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I bought a couple hides and the ideas just started. Each one of my cowhide boot covers is handmade so you will have a "One of A Kind" boot like no other. 
My mission is to help women change up their boots that they already have and love but be able to match a particular outfit or just jazz them up for not a huge expense or not have to buy another pair of boots. 
What is the most fun is to hear women say, "oh these old boots" and we take a BootTube or a sparkly belt and their eyes light up and they stand up a little straighter because they feel good about themselves. 
Jennifer Sorensen